Look At This! Apollolift in the JOHI Studio

Raja in Santa Cruz, CA

We reached out to Raja at JOHI to see how they are using their CTD-15R-III. This fully electric power stacker can reach a staggering height of 4.5m and has a max load of 3300lb. These specs were important in the JOHI woodshop where moving heavy requires a heavy-duty stacker.

“It is absolutely essential that we can safely receive a shipment from our freight carriers. In the above video, we are able to use the stacker to unload a long machine with the help of the stacker and truck liftgate.”

Here are some details of them using the CTD-15R-III to unload a long and heavy edge sander.

“ Easy, flexible and practical. ”

There are some clear photos below:

“ CTDR series are essential in the warehouse working.”

Here's Raja using the stacker in a new way, leveraging a pallet truck to help support the long sander on it's journey into the shop.

We love seeing customer stories. Stay tuned for more from JOHI and if you have photos or videos of your Apollolift in action we want to see it.