Lift Tables: The Definitive Tool for Superior Workflow

Ever feel like your heavy lifting could use a little lift? Lift tables are your answer to effortlessly raising, lowering, and positioning heavy loads. Apollo's Lift Tables excel across diverse settings, from factories to schools, ideal for short-distance transport and assembly lines.
Flexible Solutions
Choose from single or double scissor configurations, tailored to your needs. With lifting capacities from 330 to 3300 pounds and heights from 29 to 59 inches, adaptability is assured for any work environment.
High-Quality Craftsmanship
Crafted from durable steel and featuring a robust hydraulic pump, Apollo's Lift Tables ensure longevity and reliable performance for your lifting operations.
Ease of Use
Designed with user comfort in mind, our tables feature a foot-operated hydraulic pedal and finger-release mechanism, ensuring smooth adjustments and reducing operator strain.
Advanced Safety Features
Safety is paramount with features like an overload bypass valve and robust casters with safety wheel guards. Apollo's Lift Tables also include safety back guards for operator protection, ensuring a secure work environment.
Explore more about our lift tables and find the perfect fit for your needs on our website. Let Apollo elevate your operations to new heights!