Boost Your Productivity with the Lithium Walkie Tugger

Boost Your Productivity with the Lithium Walkie Tugger
Are you looking for a lightweight, powerful towing solution to enhance your work efficiency? The Lithium-Powered Electric Walkie Tugger is designed to revolutionize your material handling tasks. Weighing just 165 pounds, it can tow loads up to 2200 pounds, making it ideal for workshops, airports, supermarkets, etc.

User-Friendly Features

The ergonomic handle is adjustable for different heights, ensuring user comfort. The multifunctional display panel shows battery level, fault codes, travel speed, and operating hours, keeping operators informed and efficient.

Efficient Performance

With a powerful 11524G-400W-24V-4150r/min drive motor and a quick-swap lithium battery that changes in just 8 seconds, the Lithium-Powered Electric Walkie Tugger ensures uninterrupted, high-efficiency operation.

Enhanced Safety

Safety features include an integrated handle with an accelerator, horn button, safety reverse button, and an emergency stop switch with electric lock functions, providing comprehensive safety measures.
For a lightweight and efficient towing solution, choose the Lithium-Powered Electric Walkie Tugger. Visit our website to learn more and experience its outstanding performance and user-friendly design.